AIM Productions Brainstorm v1.1

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Requirements: Pocket PC, Windows CE 3.0, 600 KB free RAM. W2002,W2003,WM5
Overview: This completely insane action-puzzle game will change your mind forever! 100 levels of brain-teasing puzzles are challenging your intelligence, in a world which consists of 4 gravity directions, colored bricks, black holes, transporters and much more... The built-in tutorial mode with 10 additional levels will make you comfortable with the Brainstorm game principles in no time. 
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* real challenging and addictive puzzle/strategy game
* cool graphics, animations, music & soundFX
* 100 levels with increasing difficulty
* Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert mode
* Built-in 10-level tutorial guide
* ingame reference screen and seperate HTML help file with clear game instructions
* free trial version contains 10 tutorial levels and 2 game levels
* Compatible with all Pocket PCs (ARM,MIPS,SH3) incl. Compaq iPAQ, Jornada 54x and 56x, Cassiopeia,...
* Compatible with Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003
* extremely small footprint : full game only takes 600Kb on your Pocket PC!
* Installation to external memory cards possible
* v1.1 allows installation of additional themepacks
CAUTION: This highly addictive puzzle-game can cause a serious headache for people who can't handle their own brain!

Brainstorm can be played anywhere at any time but not by ANYONE ! 

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  1. Sulis SkyNet said...'> 12/11/11 10:41

    I love AIM Productions Brainstorm game for windows mobile, I will download, install and play this game.


  2.'> 8/10/15 17:58

    Is this game a newer adaptation of an older game? I'm looking for it


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